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Freedom [Results May Vary]

A Nike commercial parody celebrating #BlackGirlMagic and Beyoncé.


Doesn't Fully Capture What's Happening to Leslie Jones. "Hate Crime"

Doesn't Fully Capture What's Happening to Leslie Jo...


Being a Black Woman at Comic-Con

I've been complimented by white folk for Jessica Williams' work at multiple Comic-Cons now. Problem? I'm not her.

Learning to Appreciate My Chamber of Secrets

A writer reflects on what reading fan fiction taught her about sex.


Justin Timberlake Has Gotten Away With Cultural Appropriation for ...

His Jesse Williams tweets were no surprise, really.


I'd Rather Get a Dick Pic Than Swipe Right On a Man With a Gun

Lotta guns on dating apps these days.


What if Wes Anderson Directed X-Men? - YouTube

Credits: Lead Producer and Costume Design

Race, Immigration, and Hamilton: The Relevance of Lin-Manuel ...

The first Republican Presidential debate for the 2016 presidential campaign aired while Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, a musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, celebrated its opening night on Broadway. While Bobby Jindal declared that “immigration without assimilation is invasion,” an opening night audience watched a musical about the Founding Fathers that rests on an ideal explicitly stated in the first act: “Immigrants / We get the job done.”

How to Save a City Through a Website

An interview with Tiffani Bell


To (All) the White Girls Who Didn’t Get Into the College of Their Dreams — Medium

A direct response to Suzy Lee Weis and Abigail Fisher.


How Cosplaying as Betty Draper Saved My Self-Esteem

On cosplay and self esteem.


Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian — Stop Saying There Are More ...

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian — Stop Saying There...